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So I know there are a few paint your car ible's out there, but this is unlike all the others. I'm going to show you how I took my busted and ugly 1992 previa and turned it into an awesome hippie-van.

I did all this for a few reasons
1. The paint job my van has was on the fritz, peeling from sun-damage and old age.
2. I was fed up with the conformity of mono-tone cars rolling everywhere.
3. I wanted to ride in something that showed a part of my style.

so if anyone of those apply to you, I say it's time for a custom repaint you design.
that in mind, I am not a professional autobody painter, and this is no where near a professional finish.
okay, let's get to it.

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
Picture 014.jpg
Janis Joplin Art Van 2.jpg
As you can see, the Previa is a very jelly-bean shaped vehichle which lends itself nicely to lots of curves and organic shapes which is why the design has such a flowing feeling.
I also did lots of research looking over other hippie vans to get a grasp for the essence I wanted.
In the end I drafted the two sides that featured lot's of long curves along with mushrooms and creatures.
I saw your Previa on toyotanation.com. I like it! How is the progress coming? Any new pics?

Take care,
Mr. Previa
I had a previa like that one in powder blue that i repainted white with blue and purple flames on it.  Similar process. 

I added a bondo body fairing step though, and then clear, of course done with spray paint, but if you put the effort in it looks like it came from the showroom floor.

Very nice!
Yeah man you need to finish this, it looks great though. Especially when we go down the freeway and try to hit on chicks.
jeff-o6 years ago
I must say, I like "VIP look" the best.
the_mad_man6 years ago
I... want... it.
l8nite6 years ago
I'd like to see the finished piece ! I've done a couple of rolling junkers/ratrides with spraybombs but other than taking off really bad areas or large flakes Ive never done that much sanding ! ! I have a 1989 s-10 blkazer 4x4 thats getting a new drivetrain right now, once thats done I intend to do a rattlecan funky urban camoflage kinda of paint treatment so keep your eyes open for a future instruc !