Step 10: How to use it

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To use the grenade carefully pull out the safety pin and throw. What should happen is when the pin is in any extra pressure in the grenade pushing against the BB (like the pressure from dropping it or bumping it while running) will try to push the BB out but the pin will stop the BB. When you remove the pin, as long as your carefull the BB will stay in the neck of the grenade and the collar will help it stay there. When the grenade hits something the extra pressure will push the BB out and the paint will be sprayed every where in the area. The pressure for tube will cause the grenade to spin so the paint should sray all around. If you keep the pin and find the empty grenade you can re-fill it, put a new BB in and you can re use it. The splatter zone (area that the paint covers) varies but is usally around or over 1.5 meters. Have fun!
I am working on how to make a small paintball practice field. Need some help and it would be asome if someone is interested. Also the grenade really works and is very useful.
pbman1234 years ago
where do you get the tubing. and also could you add a video so i can see how well it works?
Prop (author)  pbman1234 years ago
Look through the comments to find where to get it and there was a video somewhere on here but I dont have one anymore if its not here anymore.... sorry.
wectangle5 years ago
the other advantage to using the surgical tube is its shape. you should be able to put one in your ammo pod to protect it when out in the field...
djlolypop5 years ago
i when u use it pick the stuff up and make like a good place to put it in then when u get back home make more
Sofa King577 years ago
got everything but the pump how do you do it with a nerf gun?
Prop (author)  Sofa King577 years ago
Take apart the gun and take out the cylinder and the thing that goings into it. you can use it the same way as the other pump but just twist the neck of the grenade after each pump to seal it off before removing the plunger thing. I think I gave these instruction in part of this but o well. Your actually better off going a finding an old spray bottle lid and just using that.
i think i gonna try it but idk, i think it needs to be alot bigger. bigger is better!
blackspeed7 years ago
W.O.W !
true....... and it would be hard to hit someone anyways. instead of just throwing it at some people and watching paint splatter everywhere
Prop (author)  just blow stuff up8 years ago
one other thing, to get a water balloon to be affective you would have to hit the person but if you could see them well enough to hit they why wouldn't you just shoot them?
why not a water balloon filled with paint?
Prop (author)  just blow stuff up8 years ago
When a water balloon hits something the water continues in the direction it was moving. So if it hits a wall it will just splatter the wall, if it hits the ground it will just splatter the ground. You get the idea. With these the pressure of the paint coming out is enough to cause it to spin and flop around so paint goes in every direction. Thats why not a just a water balloon.
rocketbat8 years ago
hmmmm, sounds like a great way to paint a room!
Prop (author)  rocketbat8 years ago
if you actually want to do that just fill it with non wash able paint.....i think it would look cool
cyfer88 years ago
wow thats cool i should try it one day