Picture of Paintball Guitar Case
Mod an old guitar case into a custom paintball gear case.

Step 1: Overview & Supplies

Picture of Overview & Supplies
Hey everyone! This won't be a typical instructable; I had too much fun doing the project and completely forgot to document what I was doing along the way. Fortunately, there's really no special skills or knowledge needed to make your own custom paintball gear case.

Let's get started!

You'll need the following supplies:
- Guitar case
- One half yard of 4" high density foam
- All purpose spray adhesive
- 1 or 2 yards of fleece
- An electric knife
- An old newspaper
- A marker
- Scissors

The guitar case should be a hard shell case with a soft lining in it. The high density foam is custom fit and relies on friction to stay in place. If you don't already have a guitar case, check with a local Guitar Center and ask if they have an old case you can buy for cheap (or free if you or your buddy works there).

The high density foam can be purchased at a craft store like Michaels or Joanns. A half yard of 4" foam will run about $22.00 so make sure you grab the store flyer that comes out every Sunday (they almost always come with a 40% off coupon). This will put the price around $12.00.

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imark772 months ago

I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned this yet ( at least a word search didn't find it ), and is mostly the reason I clicked on the article.

there is an Anime called Gunslinger Girl

the main difference is A. real weapons B. a violin case, but the exact same concept.

with all that said, I think this is an awesome case idea! and I'm not in to paintball!

Aron3133 years ago
OHHH NOOOOO what happened to that guitar case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
receiver5457 years ago
now how would i be able to put this gun in a case like that, when i have 2 20oz tanks to put in there! lol i have the same case too! l
Photo 23.jpg
What gun is that, too dark to see...
Looks like a Tippmann A-5 with response trigger and Flatline Barrel.
He also has the stock barrel in there as well.
*facepalm* not the guitar case.
its an A-5 with a Flatline barrel M-4 style stock built in grip with a stove pipe hopper made to not jam and a response trigger witch means only semi auto
the scope seems to be a red dot but i cant see it all haw ever these can be found at http://www.pasintballonline.com they have really good deals on all there guns
wait, which marker are you talking about, the one that is in the comments, or the one in the Instructable's Author's pictures?
the one in the comments
Yes, two years later, I have since figured that out...
Although I would guess, a tippmann 98 custom, some kind of stock, flatline, and a scope...
Ward_Nox4 years ago
for the full la mariachi effect you should make a hinged inner lid that looks like a normal gutiar
bounty10126 years ago
LOL Wire the handle to the trigger and cut a hole in the tip that would be so funny walking through a paintball battle field and your "killing" everyone with a guitar case.
Like the film "Desperado" starring Antonio Banderas.
actually Desperado was the second of three movies by Robert Rodreges staring Bandaras as that character the first was La Mariachi he and his companions used weapons either stored in or disguised as a gutiar case (except the one guy who rigged a base chello case to be an RC car/bomb
I was thinking of that when I saw the first pics.
Wesley6664 years ago
Are guitar cases long enough to hold a long gun? I would like to make one for my Hex Barrel Remington Pump .22.
akinich6 years ago
where do you get these guns
gfahey1 akinich4 years ago
You can get them at any paintball discounter or sporting goods store
I am so happy I dont have to spend money on a case built for this.
GreenDay7 years ago
This is awesome. Gotta love the A-5 too. How do you like the flatline and RT trigger?
field (author)  GreenDay7 years ago
I love the flatline. It's great for suppressive fire.
nerfer192 field7 years ago
whats a flatline?
A tippmann barrel that puts backspin on the ball so that it doesn't lob. The tippmann site explains it pretty well if you're interested.
so kind of like an airsofts hop-up?
Exact same technology on a larger scale.
thanks i get it now.
Apex barrel is better
Flatline = more ball breaks. I'd rather just get close enough.
I have a Tippman X-7 with a flatline barrel.
I know that flatlines do usually cause more breakage, but I can count the number of ball breaks I've had in my numerous years of experience on my hands.
Although, admittedly, that might just be the super-heavy paint the park I frequent uses.
I have never used the flatline cause I don't need to. I find that I can sneak close enough so it doesn't matter what barrel i use. However i can see the apeal and might try one, but i don't see it being something ill use on a regular basis
yea but the flatline barrel is bent , and the hop up is alot different.
Nice case. I did a similar thing using a couple old Dewalt power tool cases. Only thing I don't like about mine is I'm afraid somebody might steal it thinking its some tools. Nice instructable.
This is so.......freaking....sweet...... I Must make it...Awsome instructible..
i would advise using extra room for extra paintballs
fireman1156 years ago
Poor Pooor Guitar Case
belac456 years ago
this is an awesome idea I'm going to give it a try
triplehigh6 years ago
that....is......AMAZING! man I've been looking to get a case, but now...this is genius! thanks for posting.
oblatsky6 years ago
use normal gun case ven travling by aero plane
Would this work for an ego?
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