Step 4: All Done!

Picture of All Done!
Once everything is dry, put your gear in place and admire your handiwork. Here are a few side notes that you may helpful:
-To keep my gun from shifting, I cut out a long rectangle piece from the leftover foam. The piece statically clings to the furry lining of the case.
- Use leftover foam to make the pieces that will hold your tank in place.
- The built-in compartment is a great place to put your small paintball tools and equipment.
- This is not the sturdiest of materials. After some hard use, you will start to notice some edges of fleece separating from the foam.

That's it! If anybody out there gives this a try, I would really like to see your results.
I am so happy I dont have to spend money on a case built for this.
This is so.......freaking....sweet...... I Must make it...Awsome instructible..
belac456 years ago
this is an awesome idea I'm going to give it a try
triplehigh6 years ago
that....is......AMAZING! man I've been looking to get a case, but now...this is genius! thanks for posting.