Picture of Paintball, How it's done. Beginners Guide

Hey guys, it's great to be back on instructables again after being non-active for around 2 years. I've had this instructable on hold for a very long time. I hope you enjoy it as much as you enjoyed my other instructables!

This is a guide for all those starting paintball and getting to know the sport. Questions as welcome and encouraged! There is no such thing as a dumb question! Ask away!

I will add to this guide from time to time. So if it is still uncompleted, I'm still working on it. Thanks!

Step 1: Common Questions & Answers

Picture of Common Questions & Answers

Q: WIll it HURT?
A: Well, It's more of a surprise then pain.Iit all depends on you and the clothing you wear. If you're a bit "big" and it the paintball bounces off you, it "hurts" more then if it breaks. If you wear skin tight clothing then it "hurts" But for people who have played for quite a long time, not really.  Plus, adrenaline does wonders too.  Sometimes you won't notice it at all.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Step 6

Q: Do I need to buy this _______
A: NO No No no noNo NONONO! Don't buy anything except for paintballs when starting out!

Q: Will there be a lot of people to play with?
A: Depending on the day and your field. But usually, yes, there are many people.

Q: Is paintball scary?
A: It depends on your view of it. For most of us, it's just another sport that you can give it your all and have fun!

Q: How fast does the paintball marker shoot?
A: Depending on your field's regulation on FPS (Feet per Second) rule. It's generally 260 to 300 FPS.

Q: Can you pick up paintballs and wash them to make them clean again?
A: No, don't pick up paintballs from the floor or when you drop them. They can mess up your accuracy and marker. Paintballs also deteriorate when it comes in contact with water.

Q: How old do you need to be to play?
A: Most fields allow 10+ year olds to play. If you are younger, you must have a parent or adult to supervise you at all times.

Q: Is paintball like airsoft?
A: In some ways yes. But Airsoft isn't as big, has more flaws, and in my opinion, not as fun.

A: I might be able to fix it since I do know abit of how these things work.

Q: How do I do_______
A: Ask away!

Q: Is paintball Expensive?
A: Yes, to a certain point it is. It's a luxury sport. But it's well worth the money, You don't have to spend alot of money for perfect paintball.
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Fission Chips10 months ago

Perfect guide for beginners. Do paintballs hurt a lot when they hit your bare skin from a range of about 10 feet?

What marker is that?

And... do I see TechPB!

:O :)
Indeed. I'm Wasabiboi on Techpb
I'm TallThing.

To the front!!
you know croatia maybe you know my country too its Montenegro
gl0rious3 years ago
i need help convincing my parents to let me do the local 26 (26 hours strait) help?
dkfa (author)  gl0rious3 years ago
Don't do 26 hours straight. You'll be tired in a couple of hours. Just go the first day and go home and sleep. Go back the second day. Or camp out.
Hitman2273 years ago
Just as a warning, it's safer top use a barrel sock instead of a plug as it can fly out of the muzzle if you pull the trigger. Now at my local field, only barrel socks are allowed
For the beginners. There is a type of "bolt" thing near the back of the gun, right around where the orange thing is in the diagram. If your gun stops working in the middle of a game pull the bolt back. If the bolt is forward, the gun doesn't have any CO2 in the chamber.
not quite...

Sometimes a mechanical blowback will fail to re-cock, but there is no diaphragm in blowback markers.

look here for more animated marker diagrams:
cantrell84 years ago
I am looking at the Syder XTRA can you tell me if it is a good gun or not?
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
I would much more recommended the Azodin Kaos. If you can get it used and cheap, even better! They have the best customer service and also amazing markers.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
I just found it on amazon with a 20oz co2 and a 200 round hopper $95 USD. is that a good deal ?
dkfa (author)  Dr. Who4 years ago
No. It isn't.

I would pay maybe $10 for that.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
do you mean you would pay $10 for it used or new because the one I was talking about was new. When I sed USD I men't US dollars.
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
Used and new.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
so your saying that even new that's a bad deal? Also for a used gun would ebay be a gould place to look?
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
Yes. Horribly Bad deal. I get all my paintball gear off ebay. If you need help finding a good deal, I can help you.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
about what price range is a good deal for guns like the 98 custom,the Azodin Kaos and Syder XTRA ?
how about the tippman 98 custom is it a good gun?
i reaserched this and yes, it is a realy good gun. do you play speed ball or woods ball? tippmann came out with a good speedball gun called the gryphon.
the gryphon is just a 98 custom with a different (worse) shell. it would be bad for speedball, as would a 98. go with the azodin
I've played woodsball once but I borrowed a spare gun for that. I have never played speedball.
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
Tippmann 98 is great, but I would go with a Azodin Kaos since they're abit easier to maintain. The speedball marker that tippmann came out is a tippmann 98 in a red shell. No different.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
can you tell me if this is a good deal? http://www.punisherspb.com/tippmann-gryphon-paintball-gun-powerpack-package-black.aspx
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
This is much better. http://www.punisherspb.com/azodin-kaos-paintball-gun-matte-black.aspx

If you need a tank, mask, hopper. Just purchase them in the TechPB Buy/Sell/Trade forums. I can help you look for some deals. Or you can just go to walmart and pick up a cheap mask and tank.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
how good of a deal is this. ://www.amazon.com/Azodin-Kaos-Starter-Paintball-Gun/dp/B002Y4O4PW/ref=pd_sbs_sg_1
dkfa (author)  cantrell84 years ago
That's a nice deal.
cantrell8 dkfa4 years ago
how big of tank should I get
Dr. Who dkfa4 years ago
after i did some reserch i agree. but still, i think it would at LEAST be worth 20 usd
mescobar14 years ago
um hi first time into paintball what type of shoes do u wear or want us to wear
depends on where you play. here in texas there are thorns everywhere, boots are usually a must. i usually wear cleats though.
you should add in cyclone feed hoppers too
Heh heh heh, he said "dont do it, please..." I'm just kidding...
junits154 years ago
What brand of loader do you use? Also I have yet to see any field that rents anything other than a shake-n-shoot....just sayin' :)
dkfa (author)  junits154 years ago
I use a Halo B or my Viewloader Revolution 12v. The old school kind.

I have markers that are older then me. =]
junits15 dkfa4 years ago
Cool thanks, I'm trying to find a good loader, also markers older than you?! Woah what are the names of them?
dkfa (author)  junits154 years ago
I've got a Automag 68 classic. :]
junits15 dkfa4 years ago
thats pretty awesome man, i remember seeing a video of a gold plated automag, was pretty sick, I want to have some sort of classic gun eventually, just so i can own a piece of paintball history
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