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Hate wasting money on paint that just falls in the dirt?
For $50 a Paintball GENX Caddy can be yours or you can reuse empty bottles and create your own Kaddy.
Look for a large container that has a wide opening to hold the paint. For the handle use anything that is comfortable and strong enough to hold about ~1000 paint balls. The spout should have a smaller opening than the container and have an quick pop off lid.


Utility knife
Hot glue gun
Spray Paint
Sand Paper
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Step 1: Cut Out Handle

Picture of Cut Out Handle
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Optimal surface area is the goal. The more gluing area available the better.

Step 1:

Make a rough cut out of the handle

Step 2:

Place the handle on the container.
Press the sides of the handle around the container.
Look for the gaps between the handle and the container.
Mark the areas if needed

Step 3:

Trim the areas where the two pieces don't touch
except at the bottom it won't touch down there keep a little material to add strength

Step 2: Cut the Spout

Picture of Cut the Spout
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A good spout angle is the goal. Imagine pouring paint into a hopper. At what angle would be easiest to pour?
The plastic bottles have center lines that I used as a reference point. It helps to use them to get the handle and the spout aligned.

Step 1:

Line up the container and the spout to help visualize the desired angle.
Draw the angle from the center line to help make it symmetrical
Cut out the spout

Step 2:

Line up the center line from the container and the spout
Draw around the spout to create a circle
Cut out the circle

Step 3:

I used 150 grit sandpaper to sand the inside edges of the spout and container to prevent balls from breaking.
150 grit is just what I had I probally wouldn't use anything higher (finer grit) or something less than 80 grit

Hey I have this idea to make my paintball gun look like a .50 browning machine gun. Would this be good or bad ?
awesome here is a link to a kit you can buy.
Marine Grade Silicon Adhesive Sealant might be better than the hot glue, it is really forgiving and sticks like crazy when dry, yet is still flexible, and it is easier to coat a large surface area using a popsicle stick than working with hot glue. I use 3M Fast Cure 5200, it is in small tubes next to the epoxy and other glues (paint section) in any hardware store.
People need to put more paintball stuff on this app