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Paintballing is a game of survival. take woodsball for example you run around in woods and find holes and trees to help yourself in survival. in this instructable you will learn about survival in paintball.

choose the step for your needs

Step 1: Gear to Bring

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-paint grenades
-maps of the field
-radios (if the field allows it)
-binoculars (for spotting long range targets)
-some money (for more stuff such as paintballs CO2 refills and gun upgrades)
-paint bazooka (optional but very useful)
-and what you normally use

Step 2: Start

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in the start you should always look for cover and scout as much terrain as possible look for some great areas to defend and attack. make sure that it isn't to close to enemy territory and if you spot enemy's fall back and alert your fellow troops. if an enemy spots you and fires upon you remember to find cover fast and fire well placed and aimed rounds.

Step 3: Enemy Spotted

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if you spot an enemy you should follow these steps
-if you have more than one grenade chuck one
-fire off well placed rounds
-yell I FOUND ONE(or some) and open fire (this always alerts enemy's and gives them time to run and ambush you)
-stalk him and see if he takes you to an enemy camp or post

Step 4: Under Fire

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if an enemy's in numbers spot you follow these steps
-throw a paint grenade
-call for help
-shoot at fast rates
-run and hope you get lucky
if a single enemy is shooting you follow these steps
-take him out quickly
-just shoot
-(if it is absolutely necessary (like if he is yelling and screaming for his team to come and help him get you) run away and shoot some paint

Step 5: Tank Attack

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a dangerous threat to you and your team is the paintball tank very capable of taking you out fast
follow these steps to get through this
-throw some grenades
-run up to it open the hatch and either throw in a grenade or shoot em
-use a paint bazooka
-run away like you are in a life or death situation

Step 6: Scouting

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use these steps if you get close enough to the enemy camp or base
-use your binoculars and see what they are doing
-inform your allies with radios
-call in reinforcements to help take em out
-mark the enemy camp on your map and run to base

Step 7: Defence

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use these steps to help defend your camp or base
-find a nice bunker or foxhole and use it
-bring out the big guns with a paintball tank
-set up wall with whatever you can find(next step shows what you can use for that)
-twigs fallen trees stumps driftwood leaves whatever else is out there
- remember the best defense is a great offense

Step 8: Ambushing

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to ambush them use these steps
-know where they are going
-find trees or foxholes for cover
-get a paintball tank there and turn off the engine
-make a signal for when to open fire
-get grenades and rockets first for tanks and/or numbers of infantry


mabster (author)2010-08-24

what is a paintball tank?!?

it is essentially an old truck with much plywood and numerous paintball guns bolted to it. Some use more creativity, some less

ive actually seen some use golf carts or gokarts and mod/customize them into a tank with an actual cannon

indeed. most of them suck.

xXxMattThePossumxXx (author)2010-07-23

Props to you friend. While not all fields allow paintgrenades, and one rarely sees tanks or bazookas outside of a big game, a fantastic guide, with usable info. kudos

kappaema (author)2010-02-25

They have paintball tanks!!!

chrissearle (author)2010-01-27

that 'good defense in the picture is infact a sup-air/tourney/speedball break out =) good pic tho

chrissearle (author)2010-01-27

smokes work well for tactical retreats and advances or just general confusion

chrissearle (author)2010-01-27

i dont reccomend aiming for the head, id aim for the torso, because
a)itsbigger to hit 
b)hits count anywhere on the body - so the bigger the target - the higher chance ofgetting a hit - including pod pack/tac vest
c)its not nice getting hit in the side of the head

also try and get a barrel tag, its more of a stealth kill.

chrissearle (author)2010-01-27

or if you're a member of the paint-flingers-club (use an electro, such as a tourney marker or an ion, sp1, mac dev, etc)  open fire keeping the enemy pinned down to allow you to either move forward, and get an elimination, or make a tactical retreat.

#9EJV (author)2009-10-25

DANGGG awesome pic haha and good instructable

mg0930mg (author)2009-07-13

The pictures are really small, and most have nothing to do with the i'ble.

Rotten194 (author)2009-06-21


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