Picture of Paintbrush Roll-up Travel Kit
I recently have gotten into painting and have acquired a large bag of paintbrushes that I store in a drawer. It really wasn't working out to have the brushes all disorganized, all different sizes thrust into a plastic bag. Then the idea dawned on me. I was going to make an easily portable roll-up paintbrush kit to store all of my disjumbled mess! I soon got busy on creating this invention, knowing it would be the end to all disorganization for the rest of my paintbrushes' young lives. The travel kit ended up only taking an hour to make, and the result was better than I had ever imagined. I take it everywhere with me and the paintbrushes are always snug in their cute little sleeves. Better yet, the travel kit is decorated with the grooviest duct tape to brighten anyone's cloudy day.

  • An assortment of paintbrushes
  • Patterened duct tape
  • Self-stick Velcro square
  • Scissors (depends on how neat of a duct taper you are)
  • Cotton swab (optional)


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Step 1: Organize

Picture of Organize
First off, you will need to organize all of your paintbrushes. You can place them in any order you want, but I chose to position them from shortest and smallest to tallest and largest. Push the row of paint brushes off to the side for the moment.

Step 2: Duct Tape Sheet

Picture of Duct Tape Sheet
Now, create a sheet of duct tape. I made mine about 20 inches long and 9 inches wide. It all depends on your paint brush sizes, however. Take your tallest paintbrush and make the sheet just a few centimeters taller than it. Your length should be long enough to have about a half an inch between each brush. If you aren't that neat of a duct taper, you may need to cut off the jaggedy sides for a smooth edge.
soniaaaaa6 months ago
Where can I find Velcro for this project
Jessie Marie (author)  soniaaaaa6 months ago
You can purchase some Velcro from or at a local craft store.

thanks i ended up getting two sets of velcro for three dollars usd at target! :)

lovehunting7 months ago
That is so cool I think I will make it for pencils and pens and stick it to notebooks
lovehunting9 months ago
Great idea but I think I will use it for pencils and stiff like that
LunaTonks1 year ago
This is brilliant! I made one for my paintbrushes and it works really well. I think I'll have to make one for my pencils and pens and all my other stationary. Brilliant!
Totally going to do this to tame my paintbrushes!
This is awesome! What a clever idea!
Jessie Marie (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
Thanks! :)