Picture of Painted Cell Phone
instructables11 005.jpg
instructables11 004.jpg
instructables11 003.jpg
instructables11 002.jpg
instructables11 001.jpg
These are the cell phone I painted. I will make an Instructable on how to paint them once i find another phone.
abadfart4 years ago
beam me up Scotti
I have this exact smae phone model, and just spray painted it a few days ago.
jimmytvf6 years ago
spray chromed paint is horrid, maybe metallic silver work better
benjgvps6 years ago
airsoftjim123 (author)  benjgvps6 years ago
cool, thanks
benjgvps6 years ago
Try using vinyl dye. I hear it works wonders and can have a perfect finish.
airsoftjim123 (author)  benjgvps6 years ago
i never heard of it, I'll check it out.