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Touring the Welburn Gourd Farm in Temecula, California, a pear shaped dried gourds caught my eye. Then an apple gourd shaped like a large apple, a banana and orange shaped gourd rounded out the bowl of fruit idea.

  1. Clean them well with water (or you can buy them pre-cleaned).
  2. Paint with acrylic paints to match the intended fruit.
  3. Coat with matte acrylic varnish (DuraClear) to give a low shine - like the grocery store fruit with wax.
  4. Arrange in still life and enjoy!


pumpkinseed456 (author)2014-11-26

You did a really good job painting them. They really look like the fruit.

seamster (author)2014-11-20

Whoa, that's some pretty impressive painting, especially on the apple one. Nice work!

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