Step 2: Time to paint

Picture of Time to paint
Now it's time to paint.   As I generally need to look at something to be able to paint it,  I look for designs in store ads, on Christmas cards, even holiday paper plates and napkins. 

Usually the shape of the gourd dictates the figure you'll create.
Where will the face go? Will it need a hat or cap? I used acrylic craft paints from the craft store. They generally go on smoothly and cover well in one coat (except white). Gloss paint  looks really good on the finished gourd, but can cost twice as much as flat paint. Paint the background or base coat first. Then smaller areas like the face, hands, beard, or hat. Details last.

Jerryfs4 years ago
These are AWESOME! I do gourd crafting for festivals and am starting a blogsite dedicated to that as well. I would be extremely gratfull if you allowed me to add your site as another resource for my readers!
mcorbin (author)  Jerryfs4 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment! You may certainly use my instructable. These were the first gourds I painted, and I really enjoyed it. I have just cleaned a new batch of gourds, and can't wait to try out my new Dremel tool on them!

Any tips for keeping them from cracking when I cut into them?