Picture of Painted Mattress Survival Boat
Make the "Katrina Granny", an improvised boat by painting a mattress.
This boat is perfect to get from your house to high ground when the flood hits.
This truly is the fastest boat in the world. To build that is.
You can even use it for a mattress while waiting for the disaster to hit!

Next time you're driving to the beach and you see a mattress and some paint cans dumped by the side of the road, you know what to do!

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Step 1: Mattress

Picture of Mattress
Here's one now.
It's badly weathered and has big holes in the sides.
It's almost a boat already!

Step 2: Paint

Picture of Paint
It doesn't much matter what kind of goop you use to seal the cloth of this short-term boat.
If you plan to continue using your boat for a mattress, latex paint will breathe more than the others and be a nicer sleeping surface.
If you're just in a hurry to float, consider paint, tar, varnish, linseed oil, crisco, lard, butter, heavy grease, wax, etc

There is something very wrong with the labeling on this paint can.
See all the words on this paint can? Notice that "PAINT" isn't one of them?
What the hell is all the rest of that gibberish there for? Deep Base? Is it full of CDs of dance music?
How many years of schooling and experience did the label design committee, marketing team, etc have? I'd guess thousands.
Humanity are the world's craziest people.
No wonder so many of them live below sea level in hurricane country in carefully planned disaster traps.

But it's not just OTHER PEOPLE who are insane. You dear reader, active citizen in the "world's greatest democracy", are part a giant insane committee.
It is YOUR dumb engineering megaprojects that channel the rivers and make barrier islands wash away. It is YOUR taxes that pay for it.

Step 3: Transport to the Workplace

Picture of Transport to the Workplace
I loaded the mattress on Damon's boat trailer to move it for painting.
This mattress has a nonwoven olefin scrim on the bottom which I pulled off.
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Stan1y3 months ago

for an emergancy boat to escape rising flood waters I think I'd try the wardrobe first, but I can see that ain't much use if they are built in.

overcomer85 months ago
I'm a little confused is this the mattress or the box springs to the mattress? sounds like a good idea in an emergency!
rfletcher310 months ago
This is amazing! FTW!!!

To the lab, indeed!!!
Hahaha summer is near!!
finton1 year ago
Another great and entertaining idea from Tim! One could also use the waterproofing ideas on a bed-sheet to create wrap-around tarpaulins or waterproof tenting/rain-capes.
Schmidty162 years ago
how long will it last doest it leak water
geckomage3 years ago
good thing i live ontop of a large hill that never floods. lmao xD and you're grossly stereotyping everyone, and most of the people on here arent going to be like that. and im sure it makes most people want to quit reading your instructable right here. thats what im doing :P peace
Wazzupdoc3 years ago
This is great. A painted box-spring set used as a boat. Really simple and maybe needs a few hour's prep. Tim you rule! I don't really understand most of the comments. It's self explanatory.
Kayla Ree4 years ago
uhm well most of us Americans and other international citizens have enough knowledge and common sense that we know enamel means paint. its not the world's fault or any of our faults that you've been locked in a cellar for 30 years and don't know that the world isn't perfect.
but thank you for the stereotyping in your intro. really makes me want to rate your instructable.
and I feel the need to agree Kayla Ree. . .
thank you KingOfCatfish. at least I know I'm not the only one with common sense.
Common sense, if you could bottle it you would be a millionaire!
Oh well, I'm just a young white male from Texas. So according to stereotypes, I must be a racist, pro slavery, inbred bigot that has received no education, a drunk, and probably have a few speech impediments. Oh wait, on second thought. . . Ha-ha!
hhahahaha that had me laughing forever!, according to the list of stereotypes on google, I don't have a religion, so I must be evil and have no morals. I have straight A's, so I must have no social life. I'm a girl who actually eats lunch, so I must be fat. stereotypes are stupid, if you ask me. what has America come to . we judge people by what they do, how they look, or what they believe, instead of actually getting to know them,
Aww, so much truth in an Instructables comment! ha-ha! But stereotyping is not just an American niche though! Oh well. I'll just stay in my zombie shelter and wait for my chance to start a colony of survivors. . . muahaha!
oooh. zombie shelter, nice idea for an instructable:) id join your colony of survivors.
Sweet! There is just one rule, and that is, DON'T DIE!!!!
okay, i think i can handle not dieing. oh, you forgot double tap:) i love zombieland.
Double tap for sure!!! And I have the firearms, as well as survival and camping gear. I can survive in the middle of no where, lol
And now I want a twinkie, haha!
Hello Ethan:) why Gary?? eeeww! twinkies are so gross!lol.
The nick name is a really long story. I said Twinkies because of Zombieland. Oh, and I guess your name is Kayla?
oh.ok:) yeah, i get it, because Tallahassee wanted a twinkie, but every box they found was blown up.haha ima little slow:) and yes my name is Kayla, short for Mikayla.
lol, and I do love Twinkies! And I doubt that you're slow!
I knew a Mikayla, lol, and I do now!
ewww. they're so nasty though. and some days..i am a bit slow. well, i dont think i've ever known anyone named Ethan before, so i guess your the first : ) but i do know a Gary, and he's a jerk. i bet the Mikayla you know doesn't spell it the same way i do:)
lol. Well I have an inner fatty that loves them. I can eat my wait in junk food and not gain an ounce!.
Since that Gary was a jerk, let's go with Ethan, ha-ha.
And actually she did! But I haven't seen here in months! blaahhhh bestfriend, Mikaela, can eat everything and shes like a twig. but i bet she'll be huge when shes 40. ok , Ethan sounds good:) really? i have never met anyone who spells it the same way.
lol. probably xD. Yeah, it was cool, but she was really quite and shy, lol
im pretty quiet, not really shy. but you know what they say, watch out for the quiet ones, theyre most likely to be planning your demise^_^
lol. I'm usually quite too! Well, until I get comfortable, then I get talky
yeah,lol, i guess thats true. if i know the person im talking to then im really loud and talkative, sometimes obnoxious:)but i f i have no idea who they are, then i dont usually talk.
Do you like john lennon?
hahaha, very nice!
I haven't really ever listened to him. Why do you ask?
i dont know, i was listening to give peace a chance while i was replying to your comment. i needed something else to say, it looked to short : )
lol. Very nice Mikayla. Have you ever heard pf MCR? They are my favorite band!
by MCR, do you mean My Chemical Romance? then yes, i have. welcome to the black parade is my favorite band would be...Evan & Jaron, Lifehouse, or The Goo Goo Dolls. i dont know, i just can't choose:)
haha! That sounds pretty sweet! MCR is coming out with a new album in less than a month!!!!! You should listen to their new son "Na na na na" on YouTube
ok i will when i get home, the firewall won't let me on here:( i may have to buy this cd....: )
I like how both of your convo became online flirting. hope it got u two somewhere
what are you talking about? two people cant just simply talk anymore?? i was new to i'bles and i didnt know there was a pm button.
*Laughs. I have no idea why, But I read all of that.
ahh me too! I geuss I got some sort of entertainment from that. Weird since I'm not a fan of reality t.v. Maybet cuz I am bored at work. Yep... that'll do it. Kaylee and KOC, ya'll seem alright. 2 people talking about zombie 'pocolyse and music. Ahhh.. good times.
there is?-
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