Painted Shoes




Introduction: Painted Shoes

So I'm in love with my vans but they get so dirty so fast :/ instead of wasting my money and throwing them away like usual I decided to hide the worst spots!

Step 1: Materials

-fabric paint
-any sized paint brushes
-modge podge

Step 2: Prewash

Everywhere you look they recommend you prewash! Do not skip this step whether your shoes are new or old!

Step 3: Figure Out Your Design.

I'm a runner and it's almost track season so of course I chose a track design to paint on my shoes!

Step 4: Painting.

Be very generous with your paint. You don't want your shoes to look spotty. This is a very general instructable but everybody's designs will look different! Don't forget to cover the painted area with modge podge! This step isn't necessary but it will help your creation last longer!
Hope this helps!

Step 5: This Is How Mine Turned Out!



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