I love reusable bags. I take them to the grocery, the library, even Goodwill (but not the same ones I use at the grocery, ew). Most of mine are freebies, and while they work just fine, they aren't exactly fun to look at. My solution? Put a dog on it. Or a cat. Or a bird, if you must.

Step 1:

Since all of my regular reusable bags have some big, unfortunate, hard to cover logo gracing them, I got a fresh one to use. The extra outside pockets are what sold me. In addition to a bag, you will also need:

• fabric paint or a fabric marker (I used both because I couldn't find a metallic gold fabric marker)
• ruler
• animal template (and a printer to print the template if you aren't drawing it freehand)
• scissors
• paint brush (if using fabric paint)
• pencil.

This is a thick canvas bag, if using a thinner one, place a piece of cardboard inside the bag to prevent bleed through.
Great project i used to do stripes with batik tehnique,now i swich to quilting stripes,was already thinking to paint just like you did,and i think i will give it a try preety soon!Nice

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