For this bracelet I used acrylic craft paint to put a freehand design on a piece of medium/thin suede. The closure, for now, is self adhesive industrial strength velcro. I used velcro to make it adjustable. I'll probably sew the velcro on later, but only if it doesn't cause the bracelet to bee too stiff or uncomfortable while wearing.

I made this one mostly to see if it could work, and how well the paint would last with regular wear. If it holds up OK I will make the next one by sewing the suede onto a metal bracelet blank. If I do that one I may do a complete step by step tutorial for it.
<p>It is very pretty! Did the acrylic end up lasting long time?</p><p>What is acrylic craft paint? It is just regular acrylic paint or it is different? </p><p>Thanks, Marcella</p>
This looks neat. I'd love to know more about what you did here. What materials did you use, and what was your technique?<br />
Thank you for asking. I had written everything in the instructable before I saved it and published it, but it seems to have disappeared. If you hadn't commented I would never have known. <br> <br>I'll update the instructable in a couple minutes. Hopefully the text will save this time.
FYI, it still doesn't show any instructions on how you did it. Did you use straight acrylic or mix it with water?
This is very pretty!

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