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Introduction: Painted Sugar Cookies!

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Waaaaaay back in 2008, I wrote up an instructable about how to make Painted Christmas Cookies.  I was still kinda new at the whole instructables thing, and I hadn't taken enough process photos, a lot of the ones I had were dark and blurry, and I was never really happy with it.  This year, I decided it was in need of an overhaul to go along with my new instructable about how to make your own Food Coloring Markers.  I took a bunch of new photos and refurbished the whole thing!

I can't exactly republish the old instructable, but I also didn't want all my labors to go unnoticed, buried three years deep in the instructables back catalog.  I've decided to publish this photo instructable as a sort of introduction to these awesome, delicious, and fun cookies!

These cookies are amazingly simple to make.  Simply make the dough, chill it, roll it out, cut, cook and glaze.  Once the glaze has set, the real fun begins.  With food coloring as paint, or with Food Coloring Markers, let your imagination run wild and personalize your cookies!  

This has been a tradition in my family since I was very little.  I've since passed it along to my daughter, and got my little brother (who hadn't made them since he was a kid) back into it.  I highly recommend making these cookies, and I'd really love to see yours if you make them!  Post a picture in the comments, and I'll send you a patch and a 3 month pro membership!



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    It really is, we're going to make these again next weekend!

    The angel looks kinda like a ghost? Hey, is that Waldo? I found him!

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    If you look close at Waldo, I think he's been murdered . . . his eyes are X'ed out, and his glasses are on the ground . . . and below him I think Ted wrote "Found You".

    P.S.:  Sorry, I stole your idea of titling the intro picture!

    I demand royalties!
    (..of ten cookies!)

    How do you make your text so tiny?

    Answering that will cost another 10 cookies

    This is getting expensive!