Introduction: Painter's Pyramid, Cardboard Version.

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Great project investment,
5 minute project,  Lifetime of uses.

No credit for the original idea to me.  I found this at a hardware store close to HOME. I thought it was one of the best ideas of the week.  You place these pyramids on a flat surface and put what you are painting on top and paint.  You can turn your paint project over while wet and paint the other side. simple, plastic, effective.  Apologies to the genius who thought of this, but I made my own.  Saving exactly $4.89

Step 1: Materials

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An old cardboard box you don't need.  I used the the top of a shoe box.
Ruler/ Tape Measure
Exacto knife or similar.

Step 2: Measure

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Measure from the corner of the box
1-3/4" to 3"  should be a good size.
Make three marks on three axis' of the corner. 
Draw straight line point to point. 
It should make a 45- degree angle, 3 total.

Step 3: Cut

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Carefully cut the corners off.

I needed to tape mine together after they were cut off.

Step 4: Use

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Place on flat surface, place item to be painted on top.  Holds odd shapes well and flat shapes too.

Check out this instructable that inspired my need for the pyramids.


borgem made it! (author)2016-12-16

I love the instructable, but I realized I was going to run out of corners soon, so I figured out a way to make a template and create multiples by cutting and folding flat cardboard.

I made some out of some old beer six pack boxes (cereal boxes would work for most applications, too)...I just used toothpicks cut to equal lengths, made a triangle and cut it out....then I used that triangle to trace four of them side-by-side in a way that would fold to make a 3-sided pyramid (4th flap folds under 1st, held together by tape. Later, I decided to make a template using Visio so I could print more on cardstock to use for light weight applications, or to trace more later; here is the pdf of that design (1.5 inch sides)...the bottom figure makes a few 3-sided triangles (dashed lines are for cutting) and the top 3 figures (same figure x3) is more complex and would be best suited for a glued connection, but allows for running a zip-tie or velcro strap through to attach to a sawhorse (similar to the manufactured ones). That top figures could be better designed, but it wasn't worth the extra time/brain-power.

l8nite (author)2009-10-12

 Thats a neat hack, the 1st time I saw the triangles I thought they would be neat but easily misplaced between projects, yours are easily made for each project, at least as long as they are strong enough. Heavy objects like doors its easy to drive 2 nails in the top and bottom (that shouldn't be painted anyway so the wood can breath) rest the nails on saw horses and use them to flip the door

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