Picture of Painting ABS Plastic
I made it at TechShop! www.techshop.ws.

ABS is only available in a couple of colors. This is how you can paint it to whatever color you want.
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Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
Many sources suggest scuffing the smooth side with steel wool or sandpaper, you may want to do that but I had good results without it. I did wash the plastic thoroughly with simple green. You can also use dish soap that doesn't have hand softeners,

Step 2: Paint It

Picture of Paint It
14, 9:28 PM.jpg
14, 9:28 PM.jpg
14, 9:28 PM.jpg
TechShop has a nice paint booth with ventilation, paint the plastic with a couple of light coats to minimize chances of runs and defects. I painted the inside first so I could flip it without marring the paint. Allow about 10 minutes between coats.

Step 3: Allow To Dry

Picture of Allow To Dry
Let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour before touching it. Now you're pretty much done!
jamesh10000 (author)  Backflash4 months ago
TechShop asked us to post things related to projects we're working on, so there it is. Since most TechShop members work on stuff they sell, I'd expect there are many products visible on Instructables from different members.
DIY-Guy1 year ago

Clean, paint. Simple.
What type of paint, or what grade is recommended? (Not asking brand name here, but the specs please.)

Great project. I still working on painting plastics, this will help.