Painting Advice From a Pro




Introduction: Painting Advice From a Pro

Here some advice from painting pro - Bill Nunn:

“I use a roller tray instead of a roller screen in a bucket. There's less mess from drips, and you have more control over how much paint you load on the roller. Plus, it's easy to move your tray with your foot—try doing that with a 5-gallon bucket of paint!”


You may think doing a quicker paint job would be riddled with drips and mistakes, but with the tips though out the guide, you'll save time and still have a professional-looking finish. Don't worry that some of our tips will be contrary to those you've heard before, they are proven to work both fast and efficiently. 

To help you out, we worked with painting expert Bill Nunn. Bill is both a veteran painter of 32 years and the president of William Nunn Painting. His tips and techniques come from his mastery of painting hundreds of home and apartments. With his help, you can be just like him - a very efficient, yet flawless painter. 

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