Painting the Grado SR60




Introduction: Painting the Grado SR60

Here is a step by step of how i painted my Grado SR60s.

First up, the materials:

Step 1: Opening the Headphones.

I used the steam method.  

This involves putting the headphones over hot water in order to heat the heat-sensitive glue.  After a few minutes, just pull them out.

Separate the cups from the driver housing.  

Step 2: Painting.

Before painting, I noticed that the rings just fall out when you apply any pressure.  I flipped them and sanded the surface to make it smooth.

Before painting, make sure to give the cups a decent clean with methylated spirits or other cleaning agent.

Spray lightly and evenly.  I used 3 coats of paint.

Step 3: Finished Product.

Now is the time to add other effects.  I was planning on a custom grill but I couldn't find any wire to suit.



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