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Introduction: Painting With Coffee

If you have kids over and no craft supplies, or just want to do to a little painting with household items, coffee makes the perfect paint. Google "coffee painting" to get some ideas and to see what professionals are doing with this art form.

Step 1: Supplies


  • Coffee Grounds (instant ones work the best)
  • Water color or wet medium paper
  • Spoon
  • Paint Brush
  • Small Bowl (something to mix paint in)

Step 2: Mix the Paint

When painting with coffee you will want a light color and a dark color. To make the light color put a small amount of coffee into a bowl. Then add water, about twice the amount of coffee you just put in. Stir this and use it to paint. To make the darker color add coffee into a bowl and stir in the water (about half as much coffee than you put in). To make in-between shades mix these two shades ad/or add more water or coffee.

The ratios are:

Lighter color -- 1:2

Darker color -- 2:1

Step 3: Paint

Now that you have the paint, take a paintbrush and start painting.

Paint one layer and then the next to avoid the two shades combining unintentionally.

When painting, if your coffee attaches itself to the painting wait for it to dry before wiping the coffee chunks off.

Enjoy working with this interesting art medium!



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