Painting Your Nails- a Guide for Beginners by a Beginner



Introduction: Painting Your Nails- a Guide for Beginners by a Beginner

Recently i have been inspired by wonderful nail art by authors such as TheDailyNail and AmeliaLovesToDance. could i create these wonderful patterns when i can't even paint my nails? here's a few tips on painting your nails for beginners...

the photo shows my first (and current) proper attempt at painting my nails..or rather toenails :)

1. i have a problem with my left hand and so, whenever i attempted to paint my nails i could only paint my left hand...which usually ended up with me grabbing the remover and scrubbing it off with a scowl on my face. the solution?paint your toenails instead. their bigger, further away from judging eyes (including your own! so messy nails can still look good from a distance!), can easily be hidden in a pair of shoes or socks and you don't have to put up with the terrible smell of polish

2. Start Simple...i have seen some fantastic designs on this site but theres no way i could achieve them yet. so i chose to start by simply painting them one color. easier said then took em quite some time to choose which color to paint them. add one or two coats of whatever color ( i used Ulta3 Speeddry "Blazing") and enjoy bright colourful nails :)

3.remember your just beginning and enjoy slowly getting better at it until your able to paint wonderful designs (and in my case..paint my fingernails) don't feel bad if  your first attempt didn't turn out brilliant 

Thank You for reading my instructable :)
i would love to see any beginners attempts at painting nails :D



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