Step 9: The (second) Best Part!

Time to remove the tape and...see your paint job!

It looks great? Right?

Well...you're not out of the woods yet...
<p>Fix the crack with jb weld</p>
I think everyone one should add some paint to their potato cannon because it makes them look so cool. I like to camo paint mine. I have painted many spud guns and its simple but just to make sure everyone knows&hellip;do not paint your gun with the combustion chamber open if you are using nodes for the igniter spark because you may get paint on the nodes and will not be able to get a spark on you <a href="http://www.potato-gun-plans.com" rel="nofollow">spud gun potato cannon</a>
I have been playing around with some different Camouflage stencils to paint my potato <a href="http://www.potato-gun-plans.com/" rel="nofollow">gun potato</a> launchers and they are looking cool. &nbsp;I recommend everyone trying camouflage.
Next one should be red,white,blue
DUCK TAPE USE THAT TO REPAIR IT!!!! jk dont after a while it will burn through and if it gets on u u will have melted duck tape grafted onto you for weeks (trust me i know not fun+
cool bananas

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