We're in love with paint around here and recently decided that my daughter's room needed a tree. All of the instructions I found around the internet suggested the use of an overhead projector. I neither had nor wanted to get a projector, and so this tutorial is to empower you to take your mural into your own hands and paint it without the help of tracing aids!

Step 1: The Outline

First my daughter and I chose a background color and painted two of the walls in her room. There is a little wooden shelf on her wall that I painted over and decided to incorporate into the tree.

I was a little too chicken to put paintbrush to wall without some kind of guide, so my first challenge was to sketch an outline of my tree. Chalk is the best option for this step. Anything can take it off the walls with ease. I suggest using something cloth and something dry. Chalking on wet surfaces gets icky.
At Christmas when you take the leaves off you could hang decorations on the branches :) Great Idea, it looks wonderful!
Really nice!
That's great! You could even photocopy smaller images of each book your child reads and tack them up as "leaves" on the tree!
This is really neat. I think I will try this in the family room. Thanks for posting.
had an idea for the leaves. you can print pics of the family and cut out the faces to put on the leaves. then you'll have a "family tree" for your family room. :-)
be sure to share pictures! :-D
Having the leaves change with the seasons is a great idea.

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