Step 4: Taping the Outline

I taped some, then painted some, taped some, then painted some to give myself a sense of accomplishment as I went along.

Incorporating the shelf was slightly more challenging than I'd anticipated. Its hard to get the angles right. Don't be afraid to paint a little then step back to get a good look at your work from a different perspective.
At Christmas when you take the leaves off you could hang decorations on the branches :) Great Idea, it looks wonderful!
Really nice!
That's great! You could even photocopy smaller images of each book your child reads and tack them up as "leaves" on the tree!
This is really neat. I think I will try this in the family room. Thanks for posting.
had an idea for the leaves. you can print pics of the family and cut out the faces to put on the leaves. then you'll have a "family tree" for your family room. :-)
be sure to share pictures! :-D
Having the leaves change with the seasons is a great idea.

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