I did this at TechShop Menlo Park's automotive area! http://www.techshop.com
If you get a chance to get your boat out of water, you may as well give it a new look by painting it. I choose the color pink! 

Step 1: Scraping

Picture of Scraping
Using a razor blade, scrape off any unwanted stickers. If you're removing your registration digits, make sure to write them down somewhere so you'll remember when you need to vinyl cut them again. 
gusbuildz 7 months ago
Were you able to paint where the trailer covers the boat?
cliffyd2 years ago
I am letting you know I used this method to paint my fishing boat. Thanks!
RayKenn2 years ago
Great instructable ! I have this on my "to do" list, and you have saved me quite a bit of time.
cheddarlump3 years ago
As constructive feedback, remove the masking tape BEFORE the paint completely cures (ideally, when it's still tacky). It prevents the paint from lifting when the tape is pulled.