Introduction: Painting a Cap Gun to Look Metal

Picture of Painting a Cap Gun to Look Metal

Easy and simple way to make a dollar store cap gun look better

Step 1: Materials

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What you need:
Silver cap gun
Black spray paint

Step 2: Painting

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Spray on paint on parts of the body. Then while the paint is wet gentilely wipe off some of the paint

Step 3: Finished

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Be sure to sand off paint on the red tip if you are going to take it outside


BeachsideHank (author)2015-08-13

This could be called the "suicide by cop prop".

Kiteman (author)2015-08-13

That's a skilful job, but folk need to remember that most places require a toy gun to be obviously fake - most require at least the end of the barrel to be bright orange, but some states require the entire gun to be bright and colourful.

Stan1y (author)2015-08-13

a nice bit of prop making,but needs the subtitle of how to get your self shot even by the british police.

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