I decided that the laptop I had been given looked a little plain, but it did have a nice flat surface so i thought I would paint it.

what you will need:

various colored paints, I used acrylic paints but you could use spray paint

Compressor and airbrush, if you're using acrylic paints

Clear Lacquer , the stuff you use on cars is fine

Hair Dryer

Bulldog clip

Hobby Knife

Spray mount

Small Paint brush

Masking tape

Paper and pencil

Transparency sheet for OHPs

OHP pens

Step 1: Get Your Design Together

you need to think about what you want to put on it, I wanted to stencil the grim reaper, I copied a picture i saw on the net on to a sheet of plain paper.

next i put a transparency over the top and traced round the outside of the design using the OHP pen, use the bulldog clip to hold the transparency in place while your tracing the original design.

then using a hobby knife i cut round the traced areas carefully and pulled out the bits I don't want.

I already I have an idea for the background which will be done freehand
oh ok, it's just that I've seen a lot of people paint their laptops and they usually sand it first, so I was just curious. Thanks :)
wouldn't you have to sand the laptop first in order for the paint to adhere better?
you could do, that's called keying in ;-) , but I didn't do that and it seemed fine.
That is a good one! Thank you for sharing that, it was wonderful of you.<br><br><a href="http://www.downloadfrostwire.org/" rel="nofollow">Frostwire</a>
no problem, I just hope to inspire some people to create something more fun out of what is mostly seen as a tool, plus i love to show off ;-)
Looks great but the camera could have been better, did you use an iphone?
yep used an Iphone but it was a 3g :-( got a 4 now
Thats awesome........ Love the blood look.
Looks great! If I had a laptop I would certainly try it as I agree that they usually look plain. <br>
sweet....will put me companies logo on my old acer. aye its old but its wifi card has more range than my macbook pro
looks badass i definitly want to try this
Awesome! I love the design and the colors go great with it!
thanks, appreciate the compliment, It i spent a week or 2 thinking about the design before i even picked up the airbrush.<br><br>I got the whole project done in one day, other than the 24 hours to cure the lacquer.<br><br>I'm thinking about painting the rest of it but im not sure how i want to do it, i would prefer not to take it appart as laptops are fiddly to put back together again afterwards.

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