Step 9: Conclusion

Congrats! Youve now finished your first reborn Warrior of Minas Tirith. Sit back, relax for a while. Before long, you will have a good looking, well painted force of men with which to slaughter the armies of Mordor.
I'm interested in these colours that I've never previously heard of: Chaos Black - blacker than priest's socks?! Skull White - sun-bleached or fresh? Bestial Brown(?!) And please, what on Earth (or anywhere else) is Brazen Brass? (at least on definition of 'brazen' meaning 'made of brass') Perhaps half the fun is in the paint? L
Its paint names we "Mini War Gamers" gave them
<br> Wow, that takes me back (more than 3 years) thanks!.<br> I meant (back then) that the alliteration sounds a bit &quot;girly&quot; - why stupid names like &quot;brazen-brass&quot; when you're a male painting heavy-metal warriors, not fingernails?<br> <br> L<br>
It's just what Games Workshop decided to name their paints to describe the shade of the colors. http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/
<br> You didn't get what I was saying: the names are stupid.<br> <br> L<br>
The Chaos Black is a paint colour released by Games Workshop. It is basically black, they just gave it a fancy name. Same with Skull white and Bestial Brown. Brazen Brass, probably some other colour that I have not seen at GW. I have written an article on another site about the "King of the Dead" from Return of the king
most of the time it also says the shade and the type of paint. Burnished Gold and Shining Gold are two different shades. There's also Dabab Black and Chaos Black, whereas Dabab is a wash and Chaos black is a Foundation
what a stupid non-constructive comment. <br/><br/>Thats like taking the piss out of the name of a video game that you previously had not heard of. Just because you are unaware of a certain brand of specialist paints made specially for the miniatures concerned.<br/><br/>If GW referered to their products as simply <em>brown</em> or <em>black</em> would mean that people would not buy their particular paints, thus losing millions in sales capita and people would use any old paint on their ludicrously expensive GW minis and wreck them, by using poster paints or such<br/><br/>maybe you should think before you start to mock other peoples hobbies<br/><br/>jerk<br/>
So what i play gw game a paint them with non gw paints so what
To me, it sounds as tho "lemonie" just wanted to know whether or not these colors were some special colors or just normal colors with quite ironic names. He was not trying to "take the piss" out of this instructable and while his comment may not have been constructive in and of itself, it was full of curiosity and oddly enough, after "Does Not Compute" answered his question it became a constructive comment because people learned something about this hobby, not to mention got a chuckle out of the original comment. It seems to me that your comment was the non-constructive one here and I believe I'll leave it at that because instructables has a "be nice" policy that you would do well to read.
sorry, i was in a bad mood. i guess i'm just uber-sensitive to people mocking the hobby apologies
only if it's sniffed
You can buy the paints on www.games-workshop.com or go to a games-workshop store near.
where can i buy the Warrior of Minas Tirith miniature
&nbsp;easiest place to get them is from your local Games Workshop retailer or order them from www.games-workshop.com.
warhammer rocks! ork Waaagh!
this isnt warhammer
nice details! there should be an instructable on how to make the model
Ah, i hate painting mine- thats why i have a necron army, its like a five second paintjob but yields amazing looking results. On a good day i can do about 300 points of necron in a night. i like the paintjob you gave these though.
Very nice eye for detail thanks dude!
I like miniature gaming too, just I always find the paiting a major hassel. Very nice!
thanks for the nice comment
what happend to the other comments?
I deleted a comment that I deemed not nice and not constructive.
What other comments?
Wow, what a well-done and detailed Instructable! It <em>almost</em> makes me want to take up miniature painting.<br/>
I used to play Mage Knights but they were only popular for a little over a year. I spent like $40 all together, probably more. They were quite fun and required some strategy but I lost my rules book so I have no idea how to play anymore.

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