Picture of Painting an Antique Copper Effect
In this tutorial, you will learn a very simple process on how you can create an antique brushed metal effect on your DIY Toy. This can be done quickly with a very unique look to it, and it offers you the possibilities to take this effect and build off it. In this particular tutorial, we will be using the Toy2r Bunnee Qee.


1. Smooth flatbrush
2. Acrylic Paint (black, and a metallic color like copper, silver, or gold)
3. DIY Toy of your choice (You can purchase these at http://store.deliciousdrips.com)
4. Paper towel and cup of water

Step 1: Disassemble the toy

Picture of Disassemble the toy
Remove your toy from its packaging. If possible, diassemble all of the parts to make fore easier painting of hard to reach areas.
iheartlbank5 years ago
looks great! would this and your "Painting an Oxidized Patina Effect" work on a canvas?
zascecs6 years ago
Cool. Just if you want a really rusty/copper effect, just get an iron toy and soak it wet; it'll get rusty!
yea, that's what i thought
byerights6 years ago
Theres a technique called Drybrushing where you get a certain amount of paint on the brush, wipe most of it off so you're left with, well, a dry brush, and then just brush it all over an object. Extruding features pick up more paint as more pressure is applied and it gives a great effect.
Speedmite6 years ago
I have warm and sweaty hands so if it is real copper. I just hold it in my hand for a while or play with whatever it is all day. Sometimes I do this by accident. Such as my copper chain mail. =(
SondraC6 years ago
While this information is interesting and well written and helpful it limits you to those specific colors in the kit. You can create a metallic look to any object very inexpensively. Just buy the small jars of metallic craft acrylic paint at any Craft Store. It will turn just about any object into a Metallic Antique look. At the same store you can also buy unpainted ceramics to paint or have your child paint. It is fun, inexpensive and habit forming .
I have had good success using metallic powders mixed with acrylic medium.
Ward_Nox6 years ago
where can you get the bunny fig
DeliciousDrips (author)  Ward_Nox6 years ago
i ment the blanks sorry should have clarified
DeliciousDrips (author)  Ward_Nox6 years ago
That link SHOULD take you to the blanks...there are a bunch of them:

When I go to these links I can't find anyway of buying these items. What am I missing here? Thanks
paintphone6 years ago
You can just buy chromed paints at home depot comes in silver gold and copper/bronze. Its ment for interior decorating special effects inside your home !
great tutorial. i plan on using this when i start my first real set of steampunk goggles. two questions. 1. does this paint work on metal? 2. if i were to go to a store looking for acrylic paint would i look in the crafts section or toys or school and off supplies or hardware? p.s. that blackish ball toy with the dog inside looks amazing!
DeliciousDrips (author)  TimTheScarecrow6 years ago
It's just acrylic paint which will work on metal, but I might recommend priming it first so you have a better surface to paint on. I would go to a real art store to get paints so you don't get some diluted crap. You want opaque heavy body acrylic from Liquitex or Golden. Thanks for the compliment. Cheers.
Gakki6 years ago
That' snot a half bad effect, but I would recomend that with the last step you go with a dry brush technique to avoid those uniform edges.
DeliciousDrips (author) 6 years ago
These are some of my finished pieces.
DeliciousDrips (author) 6 years ago
You guys wanna see some more steampunk toys, check here:
Doctor What6 years ago
Awesome effect! This'll be great for steampunk painting!
That's exactly the first thing I thought of... steampunk!