Painting an Old Wooden Surface


Introduction: Painting an Old Wooden Surface

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Hello, in this instructable, I'll be showing you how to paint a deck or wooden surface. First, I will tell you that my deck is cracked and a little old. I hope you will enjoy this instructable.

Step 1: Paint Color and Painting Methods

Befor you paint, your going to need some paint obviously. So, we didn't use stain because the wood is old, so we used paint. The paint we used was a sort of brown color. It was Olympic Rescue It and had sand in it so it better seals cracks and is suposed to be somewhat water resistant. And for some painting methods, use up and down strokes on the bars of wood with your brush vertical. Also, try to paint systematicly, so you don't have painted places al over.

Step 2: Painting the Floor

Now, onto the floor. for the foor, we used an extended paint roller. Try to use back and forth motions, and remeber to work systematicly.

Step 3: You're Done!

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    Can you update us on the longevity of this paint/restoration product? I have read very mixed reviews about these, where they start peeling off after a few months. Thanks!

    2 replies

    it is supposed to fill cracks up to ¼" deep and is water resistant. But I cant find ANYTHING on how long it lasts :(

    Once you paint a deck you'll constantly be repainting a deck.

    No Tom Sawyer quote, come on. lol

    Thanks for posting, also have deck in need of repainting.