Painting Castle Children Room





Introduction: Painting Castle Children Room

This is video describe our artwork on a children room.
In a children room was made a crude wooden structure, a castle to house two beds and a wardrobe.
Our job was to paint the structure by making it as close as possible to a castle.
We have applied shades of color and special techniques to make real the differences of materials (eg wood, iron, cloth ...).
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    This is utterley fantastic!!!! Beautiful. I could look at it all day. Unbelievable.  Oh how I wish I had it for my son when he was young.  He loved castles. Please keep showing your art.

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    We're glad you like the work, thank you for the nice words you used. How old are your son?

    We're glad you like the work. Thank you for the nice words you used. How old are your son?

    WOW! That is great!!!!
     I wish I had someone like you in my life when I was a child; your children are real fortunate!!!

    Great job!!!!!
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    Thank you!

    Unfortunately thisis not the room of our children, but children of the work buyer. :-)

    I hope for our (future) children can make a similar room.