Introduction: Painting With Waste Pencil Shavers

Picture of Painting With Waste Pencil Shavers

Don't waste pencil shavings anymore and make beautiful drawings out of it.

Use pencil shaving to make beautiful painting.

Time : 5 mins

Level : Beginner

Materials to be need :-
1. Watse pencil shavings

2. Fevicol

3. Drawing sheet

4. Green colored pencil.

Let's get started !!

Step 1: Getting the Pencil Shave

Picture of Getting the Pencil Shave

1. Draw a flowers and leaves on drawing sheet..

2. Sharpen pencil with sharpener and start shaving it.

Step 2: Pasting and Decorating

Picture of Pasting and Decorating

Step 3. Now paste them to make flowers.

Step 4. Use a green coloured pencil to make the stem and leaves.

Step 5. Now decorate it and you can make a beautiful card with it.


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