Lump Free Paint (pinte Sin Grumos)





Introduction: Lump Free Paint (pinte Sin Grumos)

A way of NOT contribute to global heating is reusing inputs, example paint.

(Una forma de no contribuir al calentamiento global es reusar insumos, ejemplo pintura)

Step 1: Although Sometimes the Paint Gets Lumpy When It Gets Old (hace Grumos Con El Tiempo)

In the picture you can see the lumps on the surface of the paint.

(En la foto se ven los grumos en la superficie de la pintura)

Step 2: But It Is Not Necessary to Throw It to the Garbage, It Is Still Possible to Use It.

The women ALWAYS have some stocking with holes. Those stockings are exactly what we need.

(Las mujeres SIEMPRE tienen algunas medias con agujeros. Eso es exactamente lo que necesitamos).

Step 3: Let Us Put a Stocking (the Part Without Holes) on the Mouth of the Can.

It should not be too tight. The paintbrush should be able to submerge in the paint.

(Pongamos una media -la parte sin agujeros- sobre la boca de la lata. No debería estar muy ajustada. El pincel debería ser capaz de hundirse en la pintura)

Step 4: That Is All, Folks

Let us follow our work.

(Eso es todo, amigos, sigamos nuestro trabajo)



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    Love it! Simple... And incredibly useful!

    Thanks for your kind words, Richie!

    Can't wait to show this to my husband! He uses pantyhose to strain paint, but this is so much less mess than pouring through. Thanks for sharing your idea!

    Thank you for the comment!

    Brilliant! Like CatMan, I've always poured into another container. I'm definitely going to try your way. Thanks for posting it!

    Thank you for your eulogistic comment!

    ¿Qué idioma es ese? Welche Sprache ist das? Che lingua é quello? Quelle langue est cela? Que idioma é isso? それはどの言語ですか。 那个是什么样的语言? What language is that?


    Short, sweet, and easy. Bless you!