Picture of Painting your Rock Band guitar
I will show you how to paint your Rock Band guitar like Eddie Van Halen, so it looks awesome!

I already painted my pick guard so I will show you with the headstock. It is the same process, only you are going to want to take your pick guard off to do this. Just take the screws out and yank off the tone knob. It will then come right off.

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
Your are going to need sandpaper, a screwdriver, spray paint, masking or painters tape, something to cut the tape to different widths, a safe place to spray, a safe place to let it dry (I have a cat), and a clear coat spray to protect it.
Abigail Glass9 months ago

I am getting a guitar. I want this type of Fender with a white heart on it. It is made with very dark wood too. It is like $280, which is a good price. My mom doesn't think so, i have to get a $120 one. So I'm thinking of painting it. Will it damage the guitar? Will it sound different? And will spray paint work? I'm just kinda nervous.

bustedit6 years ago
Wow! Nice job!! May I ask why you chose not to do the entire body like Eddie? It looks really great - just dont wear a blonde afro wig and sing like Sammy when your rockin - IMO he ruined VH. Dirty Dave is true Halen.
Grant Flaming (author)  bustedit6 years ago
Thanks. I would have had to tape off all the buttons, the strum bar, and the whammy bar (I think of it as a Floyd Rose Original). I agree with you about Van Hagar. No one can compare with David Lee Roth's scream!
the "whammy bar" is mererly a bar. it ISNT a floyd rose AT ALL. a floyd rose is a type of bridge, if they where to put one on a guitar hero controler, A: it would be expensive, B: because there is no strings the bridge would be constantly pulling into the body, easly breaking the bridge or the plastic body.
and hey, floyds are f---ing anoing on a real guitar, so on a toy, there just isnt a point. lol.
:O i have seen better .w. :O and and and and its a toy guitar :O
rwb19715 years ago
Thanks! I've been wanting to paint some of my stuff in the EVH "confetti" pattern but never really knew how. now i will have EVERYTHING painted like that...lol. Thanks, nice post.
Looks good, but why didnt you add clak to it also? Eddie's guitar has black strips too
Grant Flaming (author)  idbl_fanatic6 years ago
I just used some old spray cans I found in the garage. I didn't have black. I probably would have bought a can if i knew i was going to put it on Instructables.com.
Wow i like it Keep up the gd work