We all need to eat, but the problem is getting it. Sure, we can survive on pine needle tea, but for how long before we need meat? Here's the answer: a deadfall trap made from mostly natural materials. It was invented and made by the Paiute tribe, and I'm carrying on their tradition here. Please note, the legality of making traps with natural materials may vary from place to place. In fact, it may be illegal in most states except for a desperate survival situation. So please, please, check with your local laws. Don't say I didn't warn you, and I'm not responsible for any injuries or trouble you may get in. However, I don't think it's illegal to just make one for fun, as long as you don't catch anything in it.

Step 1: Support Stick

Choose or cut a relatively straight, strong stick. The height will vary depending on what animal you're trying to catch. Mine ended up about eight inches in the end. Using your knife, make a dovetail in one end, which is when you whittle one side of the top of the stick down, and the other side, to make a point.
Great job. I have voted for you because this is a great trap and you have explained it very nicely. <br> <br>What part of the country is your back yard? It looks amazing.
Thank you for voting. We are in the rocky mountains, very pretty country.
Well I did but the pictures make no scence
What do you not understand? Maybe I can help you.
I like. Clear photos and an elegant design, though I would lean toward using a paracord snare. That being said, I'll try your dead fall and keep my fingers crossed. <br>Voted/subscribed
Thanks for the compliment. Good luck.
Generally I try to keep my inner &quot;spelling nazi&quot; on a short leash, but this one I couldn't let pass. It's &quot;whittle&quot;, not &quot;widdle&quot;. &quot;Widdle&quot; means to urinate.
You have it spelled correctly later on. This is in step 1.
Uh-oh, I'd better fix that. Thanks a lot.

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