The Paiute Deadfall is an Indian trap used for catching or killing small game.

Please don't abuse this knowledge, don't be an idiot and kill without reason.

you can use this type of trap with a box or crate instead of a deadfall and simply catch the animal.

this trap is better than the figure 4 deadfall because is is easier to set, has a more sensative trigger, and your hands are safer when setting it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need few materials for this trap.

-a small length of cordage
-two sticks equal in diameter (about) one stick about 8 inches, and one stick about 6.5
-a long skinny trigger stick
-and a 3 inch toggle, a little fatter than your trigger stick
-a deadfall or box
-(extra weight if necessary i.e. bricks etc.)
-good sized sharp knife
Thanks for this brilliant ible, nice clear camera shots and drawings, without which I would not have been able to accomplish this! I was over eager on my choice of stone so the trap took me an hour and a half to set because of the weight of the stone. I also think I made most of the sticks to long, but this was a natural reaction in my thinking to counter lever the weight I had to have the slab very upright. I fear it may not work as my string on the bait is also too long, got impatient as it was getting dark! Anyhow hopefully it gets the beast?! Fingers crossed??!!!?? Thanks for sharing your wisdom. :-)<br>
<p>Nearly the same idea as this https://www.instructables.com/id/Deadfall-Trap/ but this link is more deadly.</p>
yay we got a two-for-one instruction - not just how to make a trap but also how to make cordage. Part three -how to pluck and strip the nettle without getting stung, OR plants in your area to soothe nettle stings!! <br> <br>Very interesting, and good to see how to make it without a knife.
Another theoretical design, and it tends to work for me, is that when the trap is triggered it will launch the support and the toggle the other way. If the support is long enough it will keep the upright out from underneath the deadfall and so the only thing that will be in the way is the trigger stick, which shouldn't be thick enough to severely restrict the deadfall's passage to the ground. Pretty neat, huh?
I've never tried a deadfall yet, so was wondering, doesn't the falling weight start falling kinda slowly? Seems to me like a quick animal would dart away before it fell on them.
as bait I would advise peanutbutter, or some bacom
i made somthing like this trap but i could not find a proper bait to use to trap the rabbit what do you suggest ?
LOL just like peter griffin did with that one guy.
Very cool! I once saw Les Stroud (survivorman) smash his fingers multiple times in a row trying to set a figure four dedfall trap!
ya i like Les. Survivorman is pretty good. ive seen like every single episode
same here. i have also seen a survival video that had this trap, but i thought it was a weird figure 4
&nbsp;Great instructable , well presented , and thanks for the diagrams . But what's with the spelling ???&nbsp;
Very proffesional and well done. It had clear instructions and i understood what you were talking about immediately. Great idea too<br /> <br /> 5* :)<br /> Thank you
Use a "Y" fork for the upright, it's more stable.
thanks for the tip, nice idea....never thought of that DUH! : P
Cool! it worked very well! I made a few modifications though I used a forked stick for the upright, and I carved a notch in the support stick to better hold the string. Thanks
Great job! That trigger mechanism is genius. I didn't have much faith in deadfalls before due to them being hard to set off, but you've definitely solved that problem!
ya but in general the harder it is to set up the more sensitive it is but the piute dead fall is faster than the figer four but easer to set up
There's a similar deadfall where the trigger mechanism has 3 solid (stiff) parts. It's called--in English--something like "the figure-four trap". Anyone out there know about that one?
look it up on youtube, this method is better though
Good job, <strong>Definitely</strong> couldn't have done it better myself. :)<br/>
Nicely done.

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