Paleo "Cheesy" Cauliflower Soup




Introduction: Paleo "Cheesy" Cauliflower Soup

I was making thanksgiving dinner for my family and was super excited to come across the below recipe! I started the paleo diet some time ago and love the feeling it gives me. All the energy helps me keep up with my munchkin. As you can tell the recipe below is for Mac and cheese but the title above says soup. Weird Huh? This instructable really should be called paleo mac and cheese fail. That would be because I double the entire recipe... Except for the cauliflower. Out of time to go and get more to add to it. I stared disappointment in the face. Determination (or stubbornness according to my fiancé) set in and I attempt how to salvage the dish. Creamy, veggies, chunks of cauliflower, that's when it hit me. Soup! So some parsley leaves, a little chili powder, pepper, and some more garlic salt later I had a great paleo soup that takes great and is super good for you. Add some free range chicken and a little hot sauce and I think I'll have this at the next super bowl party.



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