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Introduction: Paleo Friendly Hummus

I have started on a Paleo diet which means that one of my favorite foods, hummus, is now off limits.  Legumes are not part of the program, thus those little chickpeas gotta go.   I miss them already.

Hey hummus, call me!

So what is a girl to do? I can't just live the rest of my life hummus free.  So I did some searching and found a few recipes for fake hummus, or as a friend pointed out to me, "fummus"

I have to give credit to Primal Kitchen Chaos, a blog where i found all sorts of great Paleo friendly recipes.  I found this particular recipe on her site, and wanted to share the love with my I'ble peeps.

Step 1: Stuff


1 3/4 cup Zucchini
1/2  Macadamia Nuts (unsalted...and if you can find raw, even better)
2 T Tahini  (You can also make your own tahini if you wish, I just used store bought)
2 T Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
2 1/2 teas. Lemon Juice
1+ cloves of Garlic
1 teas. Sea Salt 
1 slightly rounded teas. Cumin
2 Roasted Red Peppers

Step 2: Prep

Peel your zucchini and cut into a rough chop.  

If you are using store bought tahini, make sure to stir it real good before you measure it out.  The stuff settles much like organic peanut butter, so give it a nice stir.... or ELSE!

I would also recommend patting dry the red peppers as much as possible.  The excess water from the jar sort of made the consistency of the fummus a little runnier than I would have liked.

Step 3: Blend Baby Blend!

Put everything in the food processor and pulse or blend until it is smooth and creamy.

(I also did a roasted garlic one, roasting garlic in the toaster oven until creamy and almost sweet. problem is that there was too much garlic, and it was super spicy and practically inedible the following day. Use caution when making a garlic one), or make it strong, and give it to a neighbor!

Step 4: Bon Apetit!

Once you have the consistency you like, you are all done! Now go! Go enjoy your delicious new fummus.  I'm telling you, if you had your eyes closed, you'd never guess it was wasn't hummus.



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    Can't wait to try this one. I've done a cauliflower version that tasted good, but the mouth feel was off for me.

    Thank you for this! I totally forgot to check Instructables for Paleo recipes. I was at a greek restaurant with friends recently and they got hummus and it bummed me out a little bit, so I'm glad I found this! I've been doing it for 13 months now and it's crazy how much weight I've dropped.

    I know it's been months since anyone has commented on this thread. I wanted to add that I have been enjoying Paleo lifestyle choices since May and the big thing that keeps me focused is that my blood panels showed HUGE improvements - including my thyroid which I have been under treatment for hypothyroidism. I may never get to go off of my meds entirely - but I do have better energy, weight loss, better focus and an over all general well being since doing this with a very good chance that my medication dose will be reduced. There are many valid points - but what really matters is how much healthier people can be simply be removing processed grains, dairy, sugars and legumes.

    Glad that Paleo has worked out for you! Im trying to post as many as I can. The folks at my gym love making new paleo dishes, so keep checking back for more!

    wow you people are the most amazing at sticking to a diet that i have ever heard of. i have a really fast metabolism so i don't have to worry but if i did this is were i would be

    i think i was born without a metabolism. ahahhaha

    I lost 70lbs on paleo! and i love it more than anything...makes food far better :)

    Wow! that is amazing! How long have you been eating in this style?

    I started crossfit about two years ago and have been following it since. It's great!