There seems to be a movement of people trying to make all kinds of new stuff out of used pallets. There are several reasons I wanted to jump on this bandwagon:

1. I'm a tightwad and pallets are free.
2. It's an earth friendly way to repurpose something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.
3. I like making stuff.
4. It's a challenge.

So here is my chair. This is a very simple build based on other chairs I found online, and I adapted this to the lumber sizes I had. If you have a saw, a drill, and a pallet you can make this.I designed it so it is easy to modify to your own needs. You could easily fan the back, build it with curving back and seat, or make bigger or smaller based on your lumber, skill, and your taste.
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Step 2: Get Everything Together

Picture of Get Everything Together
Lay out all of your boards (this is 2 pallets). You'll have some splintered boards, and some aren't going to be as nice as others. If they're all spread out you can easily pick and choose what boards to use. KEEP ALL OF THEM!! Some pieces will be fairly short, and even if something is splintered badly or warped, it has use if you just cut out the bad parts.

I used 1 1/2" drywall screws to put everything together, and a circular saw and cordless screwdriver.
SteelLegJ5 months ago

i built one also, i like it. i made the arms level with the ground on my second one along with a brace that goes across the back to the arm rest. thank you for making your plans easy to follow. by the way i found this ible in the instructable book at my library

jacob.lange.583 made it!5 months ago

Adjusted the design a bit to suit me, and the pictures were helpful. Cheers!

sscott199 months ago

Nice, simple instructable. Easy enough for me to make while at work. Thanks!

kbanken9 months ago

it was simple and works. finished product came out great

captianoats (author) 9 months ago
Since this is back on the front page, I thought I would give an update: these have been on my front porch since I built them 2 years ago. They're still as nice as the day I built them.
jenm42741 year ago
my 17 year old son and I built this chair , it took a little longer than most , about 2 days , but its finally done, heres
How can I print this??
rmunford1 year ago
Fantastic idea. I now have the pallets and am ready to build :) I'll let you know how I get on. One thing: on my screen your photos seem to be upside down or on their sides! Is it just me or are they really? Anyway, thanks for the guide
Built this chair this evening, used old pallets and recycled screws from a shipping crate.
13, 12:44 AM.jpg
wulfhardt2 years ago
I like the clean lines on this one. It looks like a Westport chair, but with the lighter appearance of the Adirondack.
Great idea and love the rustic look
spopp172 years ago
Thanks. this a great project to do for very little money, I will be making some soon.