Step 7: How to break them down, continued.

Picture of How to break them down, continued.

Use a hammer to knock the stinger off if it's stubborn.
Want longer planks?

Sometimes there is enough room  to use a reciprocating (sawzall) saw and cut the nails between the two pieces of wood.

 If not I use a breaker block, which is a scrap 2x4 with a 45 angle on it.

  Place the block on the backside of the plank, angle the point toward the nail Head; hit it  a few times to free up a gap.

The blade is thin so you can work it in with minimal damage. 

 You can cut all the nails this way even the center support. 
This will give longer planks to work with. 

If you don’t want the nail heads, just use a punch (old nail) tap the heads up and pull them out.

Note, I use junk old blades.