Introduction: Pallet As Garden Wagon/trailer

I built this pallet wagon several years ago before I found Instructables, so you will see the end product and not a detailed step by step construction process. I will endeavor to explain what I did and it is quite simple really.

I obviously used a pallet...assorted hardware and parts from a dead big wheel mower.

The total build time was an hour or so. I am a retired man, so I take my time and I don't hurry anymore.

You can see from the mismatched hardware that I just used what I had available to do the job and you most likely have these types of hardware lying about. If not, it might cost you a couple of bucks for the assorted hardware.

The trailer is quite strong. I have loaded it up with 6 or 7 pallets at a time, so there is little worry about its load capacity.

Oddly enough, the trailer/wagon backs up like a regular trailer when I have it hooked up to my lawn tractor.

Thanks for looking at my very first ible and I hope that if you need a very cheap trailer/wagon that you will use my design.

Step 1: The Wagon/trailer

Here you see the pallet wagon/trailer...the big wheels and the handle for pushing a mower.

Step 2: Wheel Axle

This shows the axle for the big wheel that I removed from the dead mower. The axle was secured to the pallet by drilling through the 2x4 outside brace of the pallet and attached with a lag screw/bolt. You can also see a couple of nails on either side of the axle plate and these prevent the axle plate from rotating.

Step 3: Handle/towbar

This shows the attachment of the mower handle which became the tow bar. It is attached to the centre support for the pallet. I first bent the lower part of the handle so that it would match up with the centre support. Be careful when bending the handle tubing, so that you don't kink or break the tubing. I then drilled through the centre support and through bolted the ends of the mower handle tubing to the support. For a bit of added strength, I used cable clips around the tubing and through bolted them on the first board of the pallet.

Step 4: Towing Attachment

Here you see how I attach the trailer/wagon to my lawn tractor. I used two links of chain which I secured to the handle/tow bar with another cable clip and one link has a bolt through it which attaches to the lawn tractor. The para cord is used for moving the trailer around when it is not attached to the lawn tractor.


mfann72 (author)2016-02-12

very cool. I'm gonna try this

ericthecat (author)mfann722016-02-16

Best of luck and have fun.

Bill Rose (author)2016-02-13

This is the best use for pallet I have seen in a long time. Love this idea.. Also easy to make new one with the hardware bolted onto a 'new' pallet. I'd vote for this...

ericthecat (author)Bill Rose2016-02-16

High praise indeed!

You're correct, in that to renew the trailer, you would just switch out the pallet.

Thanks for liking my maiden contribution to the community.

wold630 (author)2016-02-12

Great idea for a wagon/trailer! I'm glad you posted your first instructable!

ericthecat (author)wold6302016-02-12

Thank you for the positive feedback because it is much appreciated. I will be posting other things as time goes on and again thank you.

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