My wife found a pallet bed on Pinterest and thought it would be a cheap & easy project (for me) to put together for our daughter's new bedroom. Turns out she was right.

The one problem that I had with this project is that I live in eastern Idaho and it's late December.

Apologies if some pieces of this don't make as much sense, this is the first one of these I've done from a mobile device and I tend toward ADD.

Step 1: Gather Materials

4 identical or similar pallets
4 3" bolts with washers and nuts
8 4" hurricane straps
About 80 1" screws (I had a bunch of small drywall screws lying around from an previous project)
4'x8' sheet of Hardboard (optional)
Liquid nails or some other adhesive (if you use the hardboard)

I tried to find 4 identical pallets at local businesses without success. I finally gave up and bought four #1 pallets from a local refurbisher. The pallets cost a total of $28.

Everything else I picked up at Home Depot and a local hardware store.
<p>Is it a quiet frame? Me and my bf were thinking of making a pallet frame since our mattress is currently on the floor but he's worries about the noise.</p>
<p>Thank you! I haven't done carpentry since high school, but I was certain I could find an easy pallet bed that would have room to store stuff. Here you are. Gonna give this a go. </p>
Nice job! I think I've seen that on Pinterest too :)

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