Basically a box with a lid.:)

Step 1: Frame

I used the original pallet base to give the appearance of feet on the bottom of the trunk

Step 2: Walls

I ran out of long thin boards, so I ran 2 wider boards across to make the wood cover more area.

Step 3: Top

I built the frame for the top and filled it in with the thinner boards.

Step 4: Handles

I drilled holes in the sides and just tied a knot in the end of the rope to make a handle. I reinforced the handles with another board on the inside.

Step 5: Finish

I used polyshade (stain and polyurethane combined). Dark color to help hide some of the flaws of the reclaimed wood.
<p>Great rustic chest.</p>
awesome job!... love it! if your on fb please look up my page &quot;wood pallet stuff&quot;.. we would love to have you.
Thanks! It was my first attempt. Watch out for my next one. It should be better. (With any luck)
really good! :)

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Bio: Amature. Master wood worker in training. (The early years)
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