This homestead lesson is about the pallet chicken coop I built in a process to produce as much of my own food from my own property as possible. In previous years I made then expanded a garden for vegetables. This year it was time to step it up. My usual breakfast involves eggs so this was a no brainer. I had brief experiences with chickens while at my grandmothers as a child. First we got ducks then chickens. It's safe to say I didn't understand the efforts that went in to raising them so this was going to be an adventure.

Step 1: Locating Materials

My friend owns a store and he had pallets stacking up. My local hardware store sells them for a few dollars each also. Pallets are great for projectd and I use many of them to run my wood fired hot tub, see my other instructable, but I had been wanting to use some to make something big. There are plenty of resources online about picking good pallets, ones that don't have chemicals in them or anything else hazardous. Most pallets measures 40"×48". I used (8) pallets, (2) 4×4 8 ft long,a few 2×4s, a sheet and a half of weatherproof plywood. A roll of tar paper, 3 bundles of cedar shakes, and 2 rolls of chicken wire.

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