Pallet Christmas Tree





Introduction: Pallet Christmas Tree

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A simple Christmas tree made from a pallet, a few screws and some paint

Step 1: Making the Tree

Find a pallet for your tree and mark out the shape.
For ease and speed use a circular saw to cut along your lines (you can do this with a hand saw).
Clamp the pallet securely before cutting to stop the wood binding the blade when cutting.

Step 2: The Stand

Find a chunky piece of pallet wood and cut your stand to the size needed for your tree.
I cut the ends at 20 degrees and made a small stack of three pieces.
The stack was assembled layer by layer with screws and then fixed to the tree.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

The tree was given a coat of green paint (this happened to be hammerite as that's what I had)
A star was cut from a plywood scrap, fixed to the top and painted silver (again with hammerite)



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