Pallet Coffee Table





Introduction: Pallet Coffee Table

How to make a simple stylish pallet coffee table for loft or mancave without having a workshop.

Step 1: Tools

Tools needed:

  • pallet
  • caster wheels
  • tack cloth
  • screws 1/4 inch
  • screwdriver
  • power screwdriver
  • brush
  • paint brush

  • orbital sander

  • 80/150/220 grit sandpaper

  • woodstain

  • wood finish

Step 2: Sand the Pallet

This specific pallet was Heat Treated (HT) which means no chemicals were used.

Take the orbital sander and sand the whole pallet, starting from 80 grit to 220.

Brush away wood dust and clear with cloth dipped in mineral spirits.

Step 3: Staining the Table

The stain used was Varathene Woodstain Golden Mahogany.

Rub in the stain smoothly with tack cloth though the entire pallet.

Go with the grain of the wood.

Let dry for 12 hours.

Later on I decided to add some more table space with two more boards cut to fit.

Step 4: Coat With Polyurethane

Coat 3 times with 8 hours in between with Varathane polyurethane semi-gloss (depending on what coat used will cange effect in the end).

Step 5: Adding the Caster Wheels

Align caster wheels under pallet so they are not to close to the edge and not to close to the nails.

Screw in 1/4 screws with power screwdriver and tighten by hand with screwdriver.

Step 6: Enjoy

And there you have it.

Enjoy your coffee on your new table, sitting on a cozy couch by the fireplace.


Might use different size screws next time (a bit thinner) some soap and a lighter color stain.



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    I think you skipped the step where you infilled the gaps in the boards. Not a bad looking project though, I love it!!

    It was no big deal. Just cut a board of the same size to make it fit in the gaps.

    This is great, I really like it and will be my weekend father-son activity


    Glad this project inspired you :)

    It looks great! I love the simpleness of it. What size of casters did you use and did you get them at HD?

    Thank you!

    yeah from HD. Everbilt 3 in. Steel Swivel Caster