Here's how to create a beautiful coffee table from a pallet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

- Wooden Pallet. 
- Sandpaper
- Tack Cloth
- Disposable Gloves
- Wood Stain of desired color
- Staining Pads
- Caster Wheels x 4 + Screws
- Plastic Sheets / Newspapers to protect floor

- Hammer
- Screwdriver / Wrench
<p>Looks really cool! I did kinda/sorta the same thing recently, and used more vintage looking casters (http://vintageindustrialsupply.com/collections/casters/products/4-x-1-1-4-cast-iron-swivel-caster) - I think it made a huge difference. If you're going to do this type of project more than once, I would highly recommend investing in a orbital sander. It'll cut the project time waaaaaaaaaay down.</p>
<p>Very nice! A lovely view too :D</p>

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