Pallet Coffee Table With Heavy Lift





Introduction: Pallet Coffee Table With Heavy Lift

Self made coffee table made of europallets with an integrated storage area inside and a lift mechanism that can easily push up 15 kg.

The lift mechanism is powered by 2 gas-springs removed from an old car.
Each spring got a power of 270 Newton.

It is easy to pull the table up with two fingers during the double toolbox is on it.

And movable on 4 big casters.

Easy to build.




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    2 years ago

    Hi, liked your work. do you have any video for the project?

    Hello Dirkdeus,

    Where did you find the gas springs? There are so many to choose from, and I'm a bit confused.

    this one is beautyful too but I love the other one :)

    2 replies

    the other one replaced this one. this one will meet his new owner In 4 weeks

    Thx. Yes. Ths was my first one including a function like a lift. And the "other" is the most I can get out of a pallet table.