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Introduction: Pallet Coffee Table

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Here is a quick and easy coffee table that I made in less than 30mins. The whole table is made of pallets, keeping the cost at $0. Who doesn't love free! The  top of the table is a pallet that was in good shape. The legs of the table are oak 2x4's that were taken from another pallet that was tore apart and the supports are slates that were taken from another pallet. At first, the legs were cut to 18 inches but that seemed to be to tall for a coffee table. To fix that problem I cut the legs down to 16 inches and it looks and feels a lot better. I left it unfinished to save time and money, and i kinda like the natural look. 



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    I made one and I painted it black on then when it dried I put wacks where I wanted it on It and then I sanded were the wacks was.

    Nice design. Breaks away from the other coffee tables, they are starting to look the same.

    I made one too. Try layering on linseed oil over a couple of weeks. It really brings out the grain and looks fantastic.

    Gracias. ¡Tu idea es grandiosa! Tengo material en casa. Lo hare.

    why not put a pane of plexi glass on top???

    Great idea!

    I would be tempted to fill in those gaps with extra wood. You don't want anyone dropping a glass of wine through there!

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    I thought about that but I kinda liked the look of the pallet so I left it. So far so good. Maybe one of these days I will get a piece of glass to put on top of it to take care of that problem.

    Nice build and good first 'ible. I live about a half a mile from a pallet yard and have built similar small tables for camping, they usually end up firewood before the weekend is finished though.

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    That's a great idea! Keeps your stuff out of the mud and makes a great fire. More uses the better.

    this would make a great outdoor table as well ! Thanks for the idea ...

    Thanks, nope. The legs are screwed to the pallet and the supports are hammer on. I'm sure if you wanted, you could use all nails.